quarantine 2Australians need to get a grip over the Ebola virus.

This ain’t Africa. If the virus does make it’s way to Australia it’s not going to spread like wildfire and wipe out thousands of Australians.

I had callers to my program on Friday who believed that any Australians who went to Africa as a part of the aid effort should not be allowed to re-enter Australia…..ever. Sounds a bit harsh doesn’t it. They listeners were of the believe that anyone who chooses to help, should basically lose their citizenship for making such a poor decision. I don’t know who to blame for these narrow minded views, but Bob Katter comes to mind.

Bob please, just take a nice deep breath and perhaps worry more about the evil Josh Thomas because ebola isn’t going to get you.

Sue Ellen Kovack, the Cairns nurse, doesn’t have the disease and it’s extremely unlikely that you will get it either.

This is not an airborne disease folks !ebola

Pretty much the only way you can catch it is through exposure to bodily fluids. So we’re talking blood, sweat, urine or vomit. Furthermore ebola sufferers are not contagious until they are badly ill. It’s difficult to transmit the disease to other passengers while travelling.

Yes it’s a frightening disease with a high fatality rate, but it’s relatively simple to contain an ‘outbreak’ in a country like Australia.

It’s not outside the realms of possibility that we will get an Australian return from Afria while carrying the disease, but it’s not going any further after that.

Whatever happens there will be some panic and those who revel in creating it. There has been a number of hoaxes in Spain. They’ve dead-set, arrested a bloke in the Spanish city of Cadiz who triggered a safety alert by pretending to have Ebola symptoms. What an idiot.

Meanwhile in Britain they’ve held a massive dummy run.  This was an 8 hour operation involving actors pretending to have Ebola and  medical staff treating them at a number of cities around the nation.