So tell me… you think David Eastman shot Colin Winchester ?

I do.

And so does the man who headed the astonishing inquiry that ended last week.

Understand that Acting Justice Brian Martin who headed the inquiry…the man who recommended that Eastman’s murder conviction be quashed….understand that he still believes Eastman did it.

He said….quote, “While I’m fairly certain the applicant is guilty of the murder, a nagging doubt still remains.”

I’ve spoken to former cops who were involved in the investigation….they are certain that the right man went to jail.

Eastman is a pig of a man. At the time of the Winchester killing he was facing a number of assault charges. I’m told that he would terrorise shopkeepers and office workers alike across Canberra because he had a belief that the world was against him. And when Eastman believes he has been wronged, he will stop at nothing to seek revenge.

Was the court case flawed ? Well it sure looks as though it was. Pretty much everyone still thinks he did it, but it’s too far down the track to have a retrial.

God help us if we ever see him on streets. He’s an urban terrorist with a major personality disorder. He’s sort of a cross between Mr Bean and Osama Bin Laden…..and that’s not a good mix.