Is there anyone in the federal Labor who genuinely believes that Dyson Heydon has been biased during the  Royal Commission hearings ?

Anyone ?

I didn’t think so.

Despite his foaming at the mouth, call to arms revolutionary performance in the House of Reps, even Tony Burke doesn’t actually believe Dyson Heydon has shown any bias at the Royal Commission. Nobody up there does.  But if theres any way to instil just a shred of doubt amongst the masses, then it’s game on.  If there is anyway to ram home a political advantage over what appears to be a misjudgement and somehow pin it on the evil Tony Abbott, well that’s just what they’ll do.

It looks abundantly clear going through those emails from Heydon’s office that he didn’t wish to participate in a Liberal fundraiser. Was he misled or is this just a careless mistake ? You wouldn’t expect someone of the calibre of Heydon to be so naive. Unknown

Does Bill Shorten really want us to boot out Heydon, install another Royal Commissioner and start the whole thing from scratch ?

Shorten speaks of  “the smoking gun of political bias.” Christopher dismisses the whole thing as a storm in a teacup, but you can guarantee that if the shoe were on the other foot, he’d be going just as hard.

Labor says that Justice Heydon’s position is untenable. But they would say that wouldn’t they ?

Australians have a right to be disappointed with the general standard of parliamentary theatre, but also the daily discourse regarding the governing of our nation. Both major parties are as guilty as each other….and the Greens are even worse.

You wonder what amazing things our Parliament could have achieved if they didn’t spend so much of their time fighting each other.