So I’m driving to work on a Tuesday morning. Getting an early start because it was such a massive day ahead. I’m going to miss most of the traffic and should be in at work not long after 8am.

I’m cruising past Oxley and Greenway on Drakeford Drive and I thought, I might make a call on the bluetooth in my new Honda, but it doesn’t look to be connected.

Where is the phone ?

It’s not in the car door…’s not down under the dash. Where is it ?

And then I had this horrible thought.  My last memory of the phone was from when I hung my suit jacket in the car 10 minutes or so earlier. I have a distinct memory of putting the phone on top of the car.image

Did I leave it there ? Or did I take it back inside ? I turned the car into Oxley and doubled back on Drakeford Drive.  The trip home seemed to take an eternity. I swung to the bottom of my street and my ‘almost worst fears’ were confirmed.  There was my phone laying on the road at the bottom of the street, the Mophie Juice Pack that doubled up as a phone case was in two pieces.


I say ‘almost’ worst fears because when I got out and got to the phone, I found that although it was crunched pretty badly, I could still turn it on. I couldn’t see anything on the screen, but the phone still had some functionality.

Phew !

You have no idea how many photos and videos that I have on that phone and nowhere else. I run a social media marketing business with 15 clients and losing everything on that phone would have been disastrous.

By this stage it was 8.45.  I had an appointment at 9.30 at Rolfe Honda to make some video….on my iPhone. Clearly that wasn’t going to happen. And I wasn’t able to call them to cancel. I emailed my apologies and hoped they got them in time.

So…what to do next.

I assumed that the whole exercise would cost me $1200. I just figured I’d have to buy a new iPhone.

But first, I’d have to back up my phone onto my Mac. Luisa and I had a go at doing that, but I had this memory issue with my Mac.  It didn’t seem to matter how much we cleared out of my laptop there was not enough memory on my Mac to back it up. In frustration, I gathered the Mac and the broken phone up and headed for the Apple store.

On the way there, I realised that I did have a way to call people. My phone automatically connects to the bluetooth in the Honda. I was able to use voice activation and call anyone who was in my phone list.  Bonus.


Got to the Apple Store at 9.30. Explained my situation to some guy in a blue tee shirt.  He put me in a queue for the ‘genius bar’ and told me that he’d text me when my spot came up.

“You’ll text me ?” I said, “Buddy, I can’t read the screen”

He told me to come when I heard the text alert. And that’s what I did.

Alex originally looked after me. Alex used to listen me on the radio when he was a kid and I was doing breakfast at Mix. He explained to me that my phone was still under warranty and that they could offer me replacement phone. Now, when we say replacement, its not free, but it’s a helluva lot cheaper than $1200.  $445 for a ‘reconditioned’ new phone.  Bargain !

Alex introduced me to Derek.

Derek is a gem. He’s a tall young man of Kenyan origin. He sorted out the memory problems in the Mac quite easily before moving onto the phone back up. This was a lengthy exercise. We had some time to talk and talk we did.  We talked about African politics, about the struggles of Australia’s indigenous people, about reverse racism, about the chaos of Somalia, about game parks and Kenyan goodwill.

The phone debacle destroyed my day left me $500 out of pocket, but it was worth it to meet Derek. He’s a fine lad.

I walked out of the Apple Store at 12.15 with a new ‘reconditioned’ phone, a new Mophie Juice Pack, all of my phone contacts, pictures and videos intact and a smile on my face.

Don’t put your phone on the roof of your car, even for 10 seconds. If you’re distracted and somehow you forget, it’ll cause you great pain.