I got another one of those bloody mongrel Crypto virus emails on my work computer. Don’t worry, I’m a wake up to it now. I didn’t open it, but I can so see how people get sucked into doing just that. This is another Australia Post email….well it looks like one….

It’s got a bright red Australia Post logo at the top. And it says…..’The mailman did not deliver the item to your address thus nobody was home. Print this information label then go to Australia Post to receive the package”image

Whatever you do…..do not click on the information label if you get one of these because if you you will lose all of the documents saved on your computer. They will be encrypted and you will lose them.

I still feel stupid that I fell for it a month or so ago, but I did. Lost all of the documents on my work computer. Don’t you get sucked in by this one

If you do get done, you do have the option of paying the ransom. I chose not to because I don’t deal with digital terrorists.

They say this all originates from Russia. Some bloke in Russia is making a motza here.

Once you open the attachment it searches the hard drive and encrypts files such as Office documents and photographs – demanding payment for their release.

I guess you have to admire the business acumen of the Crypto Locker man

Apart from Australia Post, scammers are also known to impersonate courier companies, financial institutions, the Australian Tax Office, law enforcement and utility providers.

How’s your ransomware looking at the moment. Maybe it’s time to update and to back up your files.