Anzac Day is close.

This year we remember the thousands of young Australians who were sent to slaughter on a faraway beach 100 years ago.

To all of the extremists. To all of those who believe that somehow all non muslim Australians are evil infidels. To those who believe that extreme actions might convince us to lay down and surrender and that Anzac Day is surely the day to make that point.anzac day

You are so sadly mistaken.

You might have frightened a few people, but courage is about pushing on and standing tall when you are frightened. If you’re scared anyone, they’re not cowering the shadows, they’re putting on a brave face and standing tall.

It’s not possible to attack Australia’s spirit on Anzac Day. Anzac Day is a day when we remember those who died in unthinkable circumstance and whatever you do on that day will not further your cause in any way. Whatever you mongrels want to try on Anzac day will further strengthen the resolve of this entire nation.

The head of the RSL is Rear Admiral Ken Doolan. He says that larger than usual crowds are expected at Anzac Day services around the world and that this shows Australians don’t abide threats.

Ken himself will be spending Anzac Day at Gallipoli as part of an official delegation including the Prime Minister. He speaks of the element of defiance which will bring Australians out in greater number on Saturday,

“Australians don’t take kindly to being threatened by fringe groups,” Rear Admiral Doolan said.

“How dare they be so disrespectful of the great benefits they enjoy in our society, of freedom of speech and freedom of association. These freedoms have been paid for by blood.

“Not only will the RSL go ahead with all their marches, we encourage everybody to turn out and show what a strong and robust country we are. We do not bow down to the threats of terrorism.”

terror raidsWe’re learning a bit more about those arrested on Saturday this morning.

We know that two of them did attend the funeral of teen terrorist Numan Haider and were his close friends. That’s not a crime of course, but it’s possibly a big piece of the puzzle.

The teenager who is still behind bars as we speak hasn’t been charged, but under our new terror laws he can held for up to two weeks without being charged. They can do that if there is a percieved terror threat…and by the sounds there is.

We also know that Police are investigating a complaint about the treatment of one of the men arrested. Families of two of the five men arrested have alleged police used unnecessary force and assaulted the men who were taken in for questioning.

One of the men has lodged an official complaint.

Good luck to him on that one.