Am I naive ?

No seriously, am I really stupid ?

I fell for the Crypto Locker virus.

I got one of those emails from Australia Post suggesting that I had a parcel waiting for me and despite the fact that I’d never in my life received an email from Australia Post, I just bought it hook, line and sinker.


I clicked on the email to find out how to get my parcel….and BAM, Mr Crypto encrypted all of my files.

So he has the key to them…and the only way I can get them back is to pay him the ransom.

I’ve done the research on this now….after the event and I can’t see any way for me to get the files back other than pay the ransom. I’m not doing that.

I spoke to IT security expert Roger Smith from R & I ICT Consulting Services about the whole debacle.

Listen to Roger here.

Who else has been nailed by the CryptoLocker virus ? What advice do you have ?