We’re Costco Kids.

Don’t know whether I’m proud to admit that, but we are.

Costco is so bloody American !

You almost walk out of the place having acquired a hint of southern drawl.

I’m almost ashamed to say that we sometimes eat at the ‘Costco Canteen’ when we’re there.

Isn’t it a genuine heart attack factory ?

I reckon the ‘restaurant’ area at Costco looks pretty much like the ‘green room’ of the Jerry Springer show.

Help me with this question.

I want to know what happens if you did your shopping at Costco, ate at the restaurant and during that time lost your receipt….What the hell happens when you get to the exit with a trolley full of carbohydrates, but you don’t have the receipt ?

Do they let you out with it ? Could they possibly stop you there and say “No I’m sorry. Without the receipt, we’re not letting you out of the store!”

Seriously what is the point of the people ticking off the receipts ?

If we don’t need them at Woolies and Myer, why do we need them at Costco ?