Have you tried Coke Life ?  I have…and it’s crap.

I like coca cola.

I understand that it’s bad for me. I’ve seen the way that it cleans dirty coins. I know that it rots my teeth and probably my stomach…but I like it.

I’m so old school that I like it most in a glass bottle.coke glass bottle

I like it because it makes me feel good.

Why would I want to try it from a green bottle and using some artificial sweetener. Ok, Ok Ok…so it’s not an artificial sweetener, but it’s a weird sweetener. It’s called Stevia. It comes from some South American plant. It’s sweeter than sugar and somehow has no calories.  What ?  Sweeter than sugar but has no calories ? This stuff’s gotta be from another planet.

Coca cola have as they always do…they’ve outdone themselves with their add campaign. It certainly inspired me to try the product, but that’s it.

I’ve tried it…don’t like it. Get me another full strength coke.

They’ve apparently sold 7 million litres of the since it was launched 5 weeks ago. I’m told that’s an underwhelming figure…depending on who you listen to.  Market analysts say it’s an abject failure, Coca Cola Amatil or course suggest it’s a rip roaring success.