When was the last time you went to the Walk In Aviary at Gold Creek ?

I’d been once before.

On Sunday I took Luisa, Anna and Angela for the first time.

It’s a fairly simple concept really.  Put a bunch of colourful birds in a big enclosure with plenty of room to fly around. People pay to go into the enclosure with pieces of apple and live meal worms to feed the birds. Bob’s your uncle.

I am by no means a serious birdwatcher, but I do adore our feathered friends. I went armed with my trusty red Nikon hoping to get up and close to some of these parrots and lorrikeets. And up and close and personal I did get.image

We arrived soon after opening time at 10am, which is recommended because you see, if you arrive at 1pm the birds have eaten pretty much all of the apple and worms they can handle.

In we went and instantly found a crowd of rainbow lorrikeets willing to get stuck into breakfast.

And then Trevor found us. We’ve got no idea what Trevor’s name is, or if he’s even got one, but we figured he seemed like a Trevor…or a Colin. Trevor is a regent parrot and he’s just adorable.image

Trevor just flew up and landed on my shoulder. He sidled up next to my head to say hello. Having established a friendship of sorts with me, Trevor decided to have a little forage in my hair and then to see what my ear tasted like. He was wonderfully gentle.image

Before long he made his way down my arm and towards my camera. Trevor is quite the photographer, but he was keen to set the camera up in the way that he likes it. He adjusted pretty much every button, knob and dial on my camera before walking back up my arm to sit on my shoulder again.  He said hello to the rest of my party before flying  off to one of his favourite trees.image

After Trevor we took in the sights and sounds of the cockatiels, the lorrikeets and the pigeons.image

The Walk in Aviary really is a magical place. There are no frills about it, but there doesn’t need to be. It’s the sort of place that you need to go for a stroll in if you’re faced with the worries of the world, because I promise you’ll forget most of them.image

We found Trevor again before we left and the riot continued. He’s just way too friendly and way to cute.image

We can’t wait to return.