It’s a sad and sombre day across Australia.

Two criminals have lost their lives overnight. Two drug smugglers who undoubtedly caused much pain to others while they were plying their chosen trade more than ten years ago. These two made many enormous mistakes in their lives and this morning they paid the ultimate price.

Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran have been executed in Indonesia overnight.sukumaran families

Australia is in mourning for these criminals because as a nation, we’re grown up enough, not to overlook their crimes, but to understand that they had been punished enough. We understood that they had been able to look inside themselves and to make a positive difference during their time behind bars.

We understand that their original cases had been compromised by corruption.  It looks very very clear that bribes were asked for. It certainly makes me think that the entire Indonesian justice system is a farce.

Joko Widodo has snubbed his nose at Australia. I find his stance offensive.

I’m still astounded that Widodo refused to speak to Tony Abbott or to return his phone calls.

I think we should recall our ambassador.

What was the point of all this ?widodo

This seems to be only about one man showing his countrymen that he’s strong enough to hold his line. He so could have proven his strength by choosing the other path.

Chan and Sukumaran were not angels. They shouldn’t be considered martyrs, but it would appear that the world is a poorer place for their deaths.