kuringa driveCanberra doesn’t quite have a ‘bermuda triangle’, but Kuringa Drive at Fraser nearly qualifies.

No, we haven’t seen dozens of people go missing on that stretch of road, but their road sense seems to mysteriously disappear when they drive it.
I’ve been working on the radio in Canberra for 15 years.
I’d love to know how many times I’ve said in that time, “There’s been a single vehicle accident on Kuringa Drive at Fraser”

Why is this small stretch of road that meanders through the bush on the northern edge of suburbia….why does it deliver so many bad outcomes ?

I’m at a loss to explain.
I went out to look at it again today. It seems so benign.image
Sure it’s curvy. It’s got a couple of very sharp corners, but it’s just a quiet stretch of country road.
When it comes to Kuringa Drive, never have the words ‘slippery when wet’ had more meaning. I never go on Kuringa Drive in the wet, not because I’m worried about me losing control, but because I’m concerned about those road users who don’t show this road enough respect.
A Roads ACT statistics show 11 casualty crashes on Kuringa Drive between 2009 and 2013.

The only section of road to have more prangs than Kuringa Drive in that time was the intersection of Gungahlin Drive and Belconnen Way with 12.

When you consider the tiny amount of traffic on Kuringa Drive, the figure is astounding.
As Peter Sumner Miller would have said….”Why is it so ?”
Any theories ?