I’ve never had a bad experience at Canberra or Calvary Hospital.

Granted I haven’t spent much time at either place during my 15 years in the capital, but my personal hospital feedback is all positive.

I can’t say the same thing about listener feedback through my radio program.

There’s been a bit talk of late about Canberra Hospital running to capacity and then some horrible stories of neglect within it’s walls.

You would have heard about Liberal MLA Nicole Lawder’s tale about her mother-in-law who she claims was not looked after sufficiently at Canberra Hospital.

Nicole suggested that after her mother-in-law’s surgery she developed serious bed sores and there was a suggestion that her complaints were ignored.

We’re told she is an insulin-dependent diabetic but that she was not given insulin when she needed it. It doesn’t sound good.

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I spoke to Liberal Leader Jeremy Hanson and a number of callers about this matter here.