Canberra may be riding high on the back of the OECD endorsement as the best city in the world, but we’ve been snubbed by the bogong moths.

November is traditionally party time for moths in Canberra. They come from far and wide to celebrate the warmer weather and the bright lights.  It’s like a sort’ve Summernats for insects.

In past years this unbridled moth festival has boosted the ACT economy no end.  The moths stay for an average of a dozen nights and generally eat out at Kingston and Manuka restaurants.  Tourism ACT tell me that the moths tend not to provide much of a boost to the hotel sector because they ‘tend to camp out, or just stay out partying all night’.

I often see them spilling out of venues like Mothheads on my way into work at 3.30 in the morning.


They’re drawn to Parliament House like…well like a moth to a flame. But not this year.

Bogong moth numbers have halved this spring, and we know not why.

We’ve learnt about this disaster through Lindy Broome who is the NSW Environment and Heritage senior threatened species officer. Lindy has indicated that the numbers are well down on last year.  Her Department has been conducting a survey of bogong moth numbers for the last 29 years.

So why have they stopped coming ?

Could Clive Palmer have anything to do with it ? Is this one of the effects of a Rabbitohs Grand Final win ?  I don’t really know, but I’m keen to find out.

Seriously this is disturbing.

This time last year they were pouring into Parliament House in their thousands setting off fire alarms and generally making peoples skin crawl.

What’s going on in moth land ?