I hate to be the bearer of  bad news, but I have to share this with you.
It’s been a tough year in Canberra.  We’ve had some significant cuts to the Federal Public Service and you cannot deny the impact this has had on our town.
This is much much more than just anecdotal evidence.  As a city, our growth is the lowest it has been since the day of the long knives in 1996.
This information comes from the Australian Cities Accounts report by SGS. Now, what is suggests is that we in Canberra recorded 0.7 per cent gross state product growth in 2013-14.  These figures are a little better than 1996, but not much.  Why are they so bad ?  Well when you consider that the public service makes up nearly a third of the ACT economy, it’s very clear that if you kick the PS, you’re kicking Canberra.
“Ouch !!”image

There’s no point whingeing about it.  We’ve just got to get on with it, and I think by and large we are.

Everyone who runs a business is by definition an optimist.  You wouldn’t invest so much time, money and effort into an enterprise unless you think positive.  To all those who doing the long days, who are providing services and selling products….the people who are employing and turning over the private enterprise of this town. Well done and keep it up.

I’ve spoken to a lot of business owners in the last 12 months.  I haven’t encountered much despair.  What I see is a steely resolve, an acceptance that this is going to be tough, but that if you can survive the storm the sun will shine at the end of it.

We can find some optimism from history.  

When Canberra copped it’s big hit in 1996, the economy bounced back very quickly.  Out of adversity will come opportunity.

From the perspective of regular Canberrans….I urge you to, wherever possible support local businesses and local suppliers.  There will be businesses in your community that go desperately close to hitting the wall.  Your transaction with them could be the difference between success and failure.

Lets keep on moving forward Canberra.  Help each other out because nobody else in the country could give a toss.