I’ve long believed that Canberrans are the worst drivers in Australia…and it’s been proven by stats from AAMI.

We are shockers.

We are impatient. That’s the biggest problem. Canberrans don’t want to wait for anything. We’re unorganised. If we have to be somewhere at 11am, that’s when we leave and we then want to get there real quick.image

Tailgating, lanehopping crazy people.

When I first came to town 15 years ago it’s the first thing that struck me when driving around the suburbs. If you’re driving anywhere on a single lane road, you always have another motorist sitting in your boot. They sit there stalking you till you get to a roundabout when they can zip past in Daniel Ricciardo fashion.  In my first 3 months living in Canberra, driving on these streets really used to stress me.  Soon after, I sorta got used to it.

Who’s with me on this ?

Nose-to-tail crashes are the most common prangs around these parts according to this new AAMI research. 28.9% of collisions here were nose to tail.

For God’s sake back off from the driver in front of you and chill a bit. If you’re going to be late then revel in that lateness and make it fashionable. Or just leave a bit earlier !!!

And motorists please ! Cyclists at roundabouts have a right to the entire lane. We rarely take the whole lane, but we have the right to it, so stop beeping your horn at me on the roundabout.