I’LL never understand why my morning radio program often becomes a battleground between motorists and cyclists.
Why is there so much angst ?
The subject has come up again following these proposed changes to the law regarding cycling in our town.
Cyclists will, under the proposal, no longer have to dismount to go across a pedestrian crossing.
This is called common sense, but for some reason it get’s people hot under the collar. When motorists see cyclists going through a red light, it’s usually done when it’s very clear that there is nothing coming and it just makes common sense. I know, I know, I know it’s technically breaking the road rules, but for God’s sake, get a grip motorists. For the most part this has no effect on any motorist.  I will never under the anger that comes from seeing someone getting away with something.

If it doesn’t effect you, don’t worry about it.  Me on the bike blue sky

As a regular road bike rider and daily car driver, I’m going to try to bridge the divide and answer some simple questions that non-bike riders may ask…


  1.  Why do you wear Lycra? When I first started riding I vowed to never wear lycra. I relented for two reasons: the fabric breathes and keeps me warm and/or cool and the specialist bike tops have built-in pockets that negate the need for a back pack.
  2. Why do you ride on the road when there’s often a bike path right next to it? The off-road bike path network is often incomplete or very indirect. Because my road bike tyres are thin, they need a flat surface. Off-road paths of adjacent cement slabs are often hazardous to ride on.
  3. Why do bike riders all drink coffee? Because we like coffee.
  4. Why are some cyclists arseholes ? Because their big brothers beat them up. Because they somehow failed to learn empathy from their parents. Because they’ve lost a part of their brain through intense alcohol and drug use. Because they’re Manly supporters. What else do you want me to say ?
  5. Why should motorists give a 1.5 metre space between their vehicle and the cyclist ? Do I really have to explain this ? Cars kill and injure cyclists. Cyclists never do the same to motorists. It’s just about protecting the vulnerable road user.
  6. Why do magpies swoop cyclists? Don’t know, but my theory is that any bird with such strong links to the Collingwood Football Club is likely to be belligerent, narrow minded and stupidly biased.