G’day to all of my Kiwi readers including Tiny The Cabbie

I haven’t met many bad New Zealanders…they seem like good people.

There’s a place I’d love to visit. I’ve never been.

Now, when I say I’ve never been…..I’ve been twice, but I’ve never been outside Auckland airport.

There’s a couple of times I’ve flown to South America via NZ, but I really must make it a stand alone destination before too long.image

If Chief Minister Andrew Barr has his way, it’ll become much easier for me to get to the land of the long white cloud very soon.

Andy will be in NZ later on in the week making a case for direct international flights to Canberra. He will hold a series of meetings with New Zealand officials and Government representatives Wellington to discuss visitor opportunities and promote Canberra Airport as a possible gateway for international flights to New Zealand.

Would there be enough traffic to justify that route. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to see direct flights to New Zealand but I just can’t see that there’d be enough passenger movements from here to there and vice versa to justify it.

Andrew Barr has his eyes firmly on the tourism dollar. He points out that

“New Zealand visitors are the highest contributor to Australia’s tourism industry in annual visits, however the country ranks as number five in the ACT’s own tourist numbers due to lack of direct flights,”

“Direct flights from New Zealand present a great opportunity to boost our tourism economy. The move would also provide travellers from the Canberra region with a gateway to access New Zealand in a significantly shorter time.”