Paying someone to be your friend was never ever a good idea. It wouldn’t have been smart when you were at school and it’s still silly today on social media.

Hundreds of dodgy online outfits are fleecing businesses around the world by taking money off them in return for ‘likes’. This is the biggest meaningless wank on line. OK, maybe it’s not as big a wank as those people who pay for Instagram. Now that’s crazy.

Seriously, who do you think these people are who have been paid to like your account. Do you think they’re real ? Do you think they’re going to give a toss about what you’re doing online ? They’re not real. They’re just numbers in your insights column.

As a social media marketer, I’ve taken over the running of some accounts which had 10k+ likes.
Compare those accounts with some that have built up 400 likes organically and the difference is amazing.

The engagement and traction from 400 organic likes is worth about 10 times as much as 10,000 paid ones.

You may perceive that it makes you look way popular online.

It doesn’t.

Check out the accounts with 10k+ likes and see how much genuine engagement. On most occasions there is very little engagement and it reflects marketing desperation if anything.

Likes and clicks from robots don’t translate into sales.

You need to build your followers organically. You need to actually ‘make friends’. This is about engaging with people and being a part of a community.friends

Is it labor intensive ?

Hell yeah ! But it’s worth it in the end.

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