Here’s the deal. 

If you’re a dedicated gambler.  If you are hellbent on pumping your money into the poker machines at your local club, then that’s what you’ll probably do.

If you push a $50 bill into the machine and the machine spits it back at you and tells you that it doesn’t accept fifties, what are you going to do ?

Well, I’ll tell you.  You’ll get up and walk over to the bar or the money changing machine and change the fifty into two twenties and a ten.fifty

I don’t understand the hoo-ha over whether or not the machines accept fifties.  If you want to gamble with the fifty….then you will.

Seriously…let’s get a grip.

Those who are against the increase to fifty dollar bills believe that this is about making gamblers jump through as many hoops as possible…and that while they’re jumping through those hoops they may rethink their choice to gamble.

It’s bollocks.

Going to the bar to change a fifty isn’t enough of a hoop to jump through.