I’m sick of the rubbish going on in the suburbs of Canberra.

I’m sick of low life mongrels driving around suburbia thinking that they’re in some gangsta movie and firing bullets into houses and cars.

This is not the Bronx. This is not East LA.tuggeranong

How could you possibly believe that this is the way to deal with whatever problems they’ve encountered with those targeted by these attacks ?

If this countines there is nothing surer than some innocent person is going to get caught in the crossfire.

Now, I understand that according to the stats, gun crime is down in the ACT, but this is not placating people.

I’ve spoken to people in Tuggeranong who are frightened.

I’ve spoken to people who are angry.

You talk about angry….Luisa and I did the Vinnies doorknock in Calwell last night. Calwell just loves Vinnies and I thank all those who gave us some spare change last night.

On our travels in Calwell last night we met Holly.

Holly has joined the growing list of those who have had their car stolen from driveway in Calwell.

My evidence suggests that there has been at least 3 cars stolen from driveways in that one suburb in the last three weeks.canberra suburbs

Holly’s life has been turned upside down because of the theft. She’s been able to find the car, but it’s a write off. The insurance is going to pay off her car, but she’s now caught without one….and she’s in a bind now because she’s recently lost her job and she won’t be able to get a loan to buy another one.

This car of Holly’s was found in Richardson. Now, I don’t if you remember, but we had a caller last week regarding another car theft from Calwell where the thieves high tailed it to Richardson as well. I sense a link.  In one of the other thefts, the bad guys came and robbed and ransacked the house on a Sunday and returned a few nights later to steal the car.  They were chased by one of the residents and that chase went to Richardson as well.  At that point, it’s my understanding that the police took over the chase, but the bad guys got away.

Holly’s stolen car was found on Grimshaw Street at Richardson.

Talk to me.

What’s going on in your suburb ?

There has been drama in Fisher over the weekend

The coppers are investigating property damage to a car and letterbox from an incident over the weekend. This all happened on Sunday morning sometime between 5am and 6.30am.

We’re told that the letterbox of a Fisher residence was set alight and the windows of a car parked outside the house were smashed. The small letter box fire was able to be extinguished with a hose.

Police are investigating the possible involvement of a vehicle sighted in the area at the time. This vehicle is described as being a red or maroon coloured older-style Mitsubishi Magna with a dark blue panel on the front-left quarter.  There can’t be many cars in town that fit that description.

I think some people need to go seeking other forms of entertainment because this isn’t working for us.