Some people complain about our defamation laws in Australia. They say that it means we have no freedom of speech.

I have no drama with them whatsoever. As a talkback radio announcer, they do keep me on my toes. The 7 second delay is my friend. The way it works on radio, if someone comes on and makes some allegation against someone, they’re not the one who wears it…’s me and the radio station.

In Australia you just can’t bag the hell out of someone publicly. You can’t allege that they’ve failed in their job. You certainly can’t allege that they are dishonest and corrupt….and I’ve got no problem with that.

Fascinating story that’s unfolded just down the road from here in Bungendore.

It centres around Allan Powell, who believe it or not is a former solicitor. He really should have known better. Allan has his own website….just like me, but his is a little different to mine. He used his website to make allegations of corruption and bribery against a local councillor. He’s come off second best. He’s been ordered to pay $80,000 in damages for defamation.
Supreme Court justice Lucy McCallum also went with a permanent injunction to restrain Allan from publishing anymore of the so called “irrational allegations” against Palerang Shire councillor Richard Graham in the future.

What an amazing story. It seems sleepy ol’ Bungendore isn’t so sleepy.bungendore

This Allan Powell wrote as many 8 website articles alleging corruption, bribery and fraud. He also sent emails to councilors and media outlets

I wonder how Allan’s website traffic is going now.

And…I wonder how many defamation cases could be constructed based on what’s said on individual Facebook pages.  People seem to treat Facebook in the way that they treated backyard barbecue conversations from days gone by.  They’re not the same.  If the public are able to access what you’ve said then it’s in the public domain.  There is some serious defamation goes on on Facebook every day in Canberra.  Be careful.