Have you see Boyhood yet ?


You really should while it’s still on the big screen.

Boyhood is like no other movie you’ve ever seen or are likely to see again.

I’m sure you’ve heard the story behind it.
Boyhood is a fully scripted, meticulously produced motion picture that was filmed over 12 years using the same cast.
The result is remarkable. I can confidently say that this movie will be considered a classic at some stage.
Consider that the central character is 5 years old at the start of the movie.
We get to genuinely watch Mason (Ellar Coltrane) grow from a boy to a man.

A lot of people are under the misapprehension that this is a documentary. Of course it’s not, but it’s so well scripted that at times you wouldn’t know it. Boyhood is real.

boyhood 2
This movie challenges you to think about the effect that separation has on children. It makes you ponder the endless passing of time. It makes you thankful for every sacrifice that your mother ever made for you. And it makes you want to talk to the people close to you and tell them that you love them.
If every movie did that then the world would be a better place.

It’s a little too long, but when you consider the magnitude of this editing task, I think we can forgive the film makers for this.
There are times when it seem to amble along without direction, but to some extent it makes more real because that’s what our lives are often like.

Boyhood Trailer
Boyhood is a movie that will grow on you after you’ve seen it and get the chance to digest it.
In Canberra Boyhood is showing at Dendy in Civic and Greater Union in Manuka….but I daresay not for very much longer.