You go to see PG movies to make you feel good and Boxtrolls does not make you feel good.

It’s impeccably well made. The animation is cutting edge and masterful. But everything and everyone is a just a bit too ugly. Smaller children will be a little frightened by just about everything in this flick.

The movie is set in a placed known as Cheesebridge. Cheesebridge is a Victorian Era town…wonderful winding cobbled streets and all terrace homes. It’s a place where those on the ‘right side of town’ devote their time to the sampling of the finest cheese on offer.
boxtrolls 2
The Boxtrolls are mysterious creatures who for some reason steal around in the dead night stealing anything that’s not tied down. They’re ugly but harmless little critters. But when a human baby is said to have been kidnapped by the Boxtrolls they are percieved as being sinister monsters that must be exterminated.

The baddie…who’s name is Archibald Snatcher and who’s voice is done magnificently by Ben Kingsley, agrees to eradicate these “monsters”, in exchange for his induction into the most elite faction of Cheesebridge society.

it turns out that the missing human infant, is really an orphaned boy who is looked after by the Boxtrolls.

There’s not enough ‘light and shade’ in the Boxtrolls. There’s way too much dark.

As a cinematic achievement in stop-motion animations it’s amazing. One of the best you will ever see. It’s so well done that it’s easy to forget that it’s stop-motion and to think of it as magic. But for me it was all way too deep. When I go to see a PG with my kids, I don’t really want to focus on opressed minority groups, on the flaws of elitism and privelige and the woes of the downtrodden. All very noble stuff, but I want to be entertained.

Boxtroll Trailer

Am I being too harsh ? If you saw the movie please leave a comment.

I give it a 4 out of 10.