The most recent Newspoll of Australian Federal voting intentions suggested that support for the Greens has grown to 14%, that’s up 3…and this is one of the big reasons.Labor

Despite all of the bickering, despite all of the theatre, the two major parties share virtual identical asylum seeker policies. If you passionately disagree with how Scott Morrison is treating asylum seekers you have no real choice other than seeking electoral asylum with the Greens. The Greens are keen to open the doors to the nation as wide as they can open and invite all and sundry to join us here. I don’t subscribe to that vision, but many people do.

Labor and the Coalition are on the same page. We got further confirmation of that on the weekend from Richard Marles, the Immigration Spokesman from the Opposition. He conceded that despite all of the big bold attacks that Labor makes on the topic of turning back boats….they’d probably do it too.

Why ? Well, because it’s works. Morrison said he would ‘stop the boats’ and he has.

How refreshing would it be if our elected members actually told us what they really think every time the camera is on them and microphone is on.

At this stage the only elected member who seems to do that is Jacqui Lambie….ok, maybe she’s not a great example.

I’ve had many conversations with Richard on my radio program in the last 12 months. He’s told me that the ‘turn back the boats’ policy was nothing but “pie in the sky” and said it would never last as ongoing policy. He and the opposition have changed their minds somewhat since then.

morrisonWhatever you think of Scott Morrison you have to concede that he has done what he promised he would do. He was elected to stop the boats. He told us how he was going to do it and he’s delivered. He’s certainly not going to budge now. For whatever reason the Opposition is keen to duplicate and the Greens will continue to win over all of those Labor voters who are vehemently opposed to offshore detention and everything associated with it.