I’m so pleased I went for a bit of a spin on the bike yesterday.

It was a stunning blue sky day with the mercury getting up in the high teens. It could well have been the best bike riding day till October.

I am so unfit.  Excuses, excuses, but I just haven’t had the time.

Yesterday I went for a ride into Tuggeranong town centre and set off around the lake for a few circuitsimage

Blokes are so ridiculouly competitive aren’t we ?

When I got to the lake there was a wily old bloke on a mountain bike.  Now, I could tell he was a serious cyclist because he had all of the parephenalia. He was wearing the lycra and had the gloves. It took me a little while to catch him as we went past Maccas at Tuggeranong.  I was on the road bike you see, so I figured, unfit or not….I figured I should be able to take the bloke on the mountain bike

Down past the college I rang the bell and told him I was coming past on his right.

I don’t think he was happy about it….and as soon as I got past him, he upped the tempo and sat on my back

Blokes are far too competitive. From that point I was hellbent on losing him…and he was hellbent on staying with me and overtaking me

We went hard down the west side of the lake. My legs were burning and my heart was working overload. I was certain that I’d stolen 30 or 40 metres on him, but I stole look over the shoulder and he was right behind me.  He was huffing and puffing a little, but I was huffing and puffing more.

I put my head down and went even harder.  He reciprocated.

I thought my 50 year old heart was going to burst out of my chest.

When we got to the bottom of the lake…the Kambah end, I heard the ding of his bell and he came past me.

I was defeated, but a little relieved.

I didn’t even try to stay with him.

My strava feed tells me that out of the dozen or so times that I’ve ridden Lake Tuggeranong, that was the fastest I’ve ever done the west side.  That must be a good thing.  The rest of my ride was somewhat slower.image

You know that feeling you get in your lungs when you exercise really hard on a cold day ? It sort’ve feels as though you’ve scarred your lungs.  I’ve got it today. I was coughing like a 90 year old man last night.

I’m glad I went for the ride and I’m glad the other bloke took me on.