I want to know who goes into a retail premises intending to rob the place using a meat cleaver as a weapon.

Seriously ?

A moron with a meat cleaver has stolen cash from a liquor store in Belconnen….this is all happened on Monday night.

ACT Policing says the man entered the Bottle-O bottle shop on Luxton Street about 10.30pm, armed with a meat cleaver and demanding money from the cashier. Bloody idiot.

I love that bottle shop in Belco. They’ve always got really cool music playing in there. It’s a cross between a blues club and a bottle-o.

Irrespective of the great music, I feel for all those who work in retail at night time. When you’re there on your own in the hours of darkness, you never know which customer is going to try something crazy and in this instance it was the bloke with the meat cleaver.

The employee complied and the man left the store with the store’s cash till and a number of other stolen items. That’s always the best thing to do. Just comply and be safe.

The offender was wearing a black face mask. He was seen fleeing the scene in a silver car with at least two other passengers inside. I bet they were all laughing their heads off.

Their day will come.

ACT Policing and the AFP Forensic Service attended the scene and investigations are ongoing.

Police are also seeking CCTV footage of the robbery.