Vladimir Putin believes his life is a blockbuster motion picture. He sees himself as a cross between Bruce Willis and Nicholas Cage with a touch of Chuck Norris thrown in.

Putin is one of the few people in public life who is more deluded than Jacqui Lambie and that’s a big call.

I understand that this whole ‘sending the warships in’ isn’t new for Russia.  They tend to do it whenever Vlad journeys to foreign lands, but it doesn’t make it any more palatable.

Why oh why would you send a fleet of warships out to shadow your leader whenever he goes overseas ?

It’s been suggested that these vessels will be in place close to Australian waters just in case things go pear shaped at the G20

What the hell does that mean ?  How could things go pear shaped at the G20. Did Vlad really believe that Tony was going to shirtfront him ?abbott putin

And if things did go pear shaped at the G20, how pray tell would these warships respond ?

Would they fire guided missiles at Parliament House ?

This like Tony and Vlad are involved in a neighbourhood dispute. A conciliation meeting has been arranged at Tony’s house.  He rocks up at Tony’s front door carrying a baseball bat.  How do you think the neighbourhood conciliation conference is going to go when you turn up with a baseball bat in your hand ?

I think it’s very clear that Russia was complicit in the downing of MH17.  Putin should take some responsibility. He should be apologising and doing what he can do to make things right.

He’s clearly not going to.