band aidI was a bright eyed 18 year old when the first Band Aid project was cobbled together by Bobby Geldof.

The year was 1984.  The world wide web was the stuff of science fiction movies.  If you needed to make a phone call away from home, you needed plenty of change for the phone box and, as difficult as it may to be remember, we were playing our music on cassettes and vinyl records.

In 1984 Band Aid was magical.

Prior to this wild and wacky idea, Bobby Geldof wasn’t known for much more than one hit single in Australia. He and his band the Boomtown Rats had been huge in the UK, but only managed to trouble the charts once in this country with the number one smash I Don’t Like Mondays 5 years earlier in 1979.  Bob was thought of us just a crazy Irishman who didn’t own a hair brush.

His idea to drag all of the hottest artists together to record a Christmas song for the benefit of starving Africans seemed noble, but wildly ambitious.

He managed to pull it off back then.

The song itself is iconic for a number of reasons but I think mainly for the place it holds in musical history….and the passion in Bono’s voice.

Of course the Americans tried to imitate the following year with We Are The World by USA for Africa.  It was all a bit too American.

Roll the clock forward 30 years.

Bob is still alive.  He hasn’t managed to find a hair brush and he’s just as aid 30

Well done to him for pulling this off again second time around.

Band Aid 30 has been released overnight.  I’m so old these days that I can’t even recognize half of the artists on this recording.  So pleased to see Bono still playing a pivotal role.

I wonder how much money this one will raise.

What do you think of Band Aid 30.  Give me your thoughts.