I went for my first serious bike ride in 8 months yesterday and I feel so good for it.

I’ve been way to busy.196

The radio job on it’s own can be hectic. I’ve added to the load by launching this new PartonMe enterprise and it’s seen my ‘me time’ evaporate. I find myself sprinting  from one project to the next from 3am to 6pm every day. I used to ride the bike at least 3 times a week, sometimes more. I’ve ridden out to Lake George and up Royalla.  I’ve done the Cotter run and made the trek from Bonython to Gungahlin…but it’s all dried up this year.

Aside from a few laps for Life Cycle a few weeks ago, I hadn’t been on the bike since early May. I’m about 4kgs heavier than I was then.  4kgs heavier and lacking the spark that you get when you’re regularly exercising.

There are so many people who suggest that they would  exercise regularly if they could find the time, but that in truth they’re just too busy.

The real truth is that if they could go for a regular walk or run or ride, the productivity benefits that come from the increased energy levels balance out the loss of time.

094It’s one thing to preach that message….it’s quite another to live it.

The excuse I’ve relied on this spring is that a. I’m too busy and b. I’m sick of magpies trying to kill me. No magipes on the Lake Burley Griffin loop.

On Friday, I packed the bike in the car before going to work and committed to doing ‘at least a couple of laps’ of Lake Burley Griffin.  When I say a couple of laps, I mean ‘bridge to  bridge’…the 5km easy circuit.  I parked over by the Futsal slab, re-assembled the bike and got back in the saddle.

It felt  so good.

In that initial run down under Commonwealth Bridge and past the Canberra Business and Events Centre, the wind was at my back.  I went hard and fast and felt as free as I have for months.  Up and over Kings Avenue Bridge and around onto the southern side of the lake.  I rode into the strong headwind on that side. It was a little tougher, but invigorating nevertheless.

I kept on wanting to do one more lap.  I ended up doing 8 0f them.  My Strava map must have looked a little silly.

5609I’m back on the bike and committed to do at least 1 ride a week, hopefully two.

PS Are the magpies done ?