We watched all of the Back To The Future movies with our 12 year old Angela on the weekend. It’s been a while.

I really enjoyed seeing them again, but the biggest thing to shine through for me is how much we’ve matured as a movie imagewatching public.  Robert Zemeckis, Michael J Fox and Christopher Lloyd really did treat us like small children, didn’t they ?

Every gag had to spelt out. Every concept had to have a bright torch shone on it. Every line was labored in case we missed it. The dialogue is delivered more like a pantomime than a blockbuster movie….but it worked and we loved it.

Most of the characters are so one dimensional that your 6 year old would never have believed they were real. The most well rounded character is Einstein the dog.

imageThe first movie came out in 1985. I was working on the radio in Wangaratta in North East Victoria. The Power of Love was on high rotation at radio 3NE and we all loved the song.  Those early scenes featuring Fox on the skateboard just made your feel good.

There are so many plot holes in the Back to the Future movies, not the least of which is that whatever you do to the so called space/time continue-um…I’m sure it has no effect on family photos or newspaper articles. That concept is absurdly ridiculous.

But, for me one of the other things is that it would have been impossible to determine the exact moment of the lighting strike on the Hill Valley clock tower. Sure, they knew which minute the clock stopped on, but they needed to know the exact second.  The town clock was not a precise time measuring device. There’s no way they could have been certain that the lightning struck at the exact second.  Depending on how accurate the clock was, their window of uncertainty could have been as much as 90 seconds.  Therefore it would have been nigh on impossible to time the De Lorean’s run to coincide exactly with the lightning strike.image

And furthermore. It’s now 2015, the year portrayed in the second movie. Where are the hoverboards and the flying cars.

I’ll always love the Back To The Future movies despite their flaws, but they simply wouldn’t work if released in 2015.