Australia’s response to the ebola crisis in Africa is piss weak.

I’m referring to the official call that we will not send any medical personnel to the hot spot.

It’s cowardly and insular.

Australia and Australians could potentially achieve more in West Africa than we could as part of an armed coalition in the middle east.

There are great dangers in both trouble spots, there’s not question about that. I don’t understand why the dangers facing our troops in a warzone are somehow easier to accept than the dangers facing health workers in Africa.

Ebola will never take hold in Australia.

Ebola revels in places where there is poverty and ignorance. We have neither.

Peter Dutton is the Federal Health Minister. He says there are “no guarantees” any Australian personnel deployed to combat this disease would receive treatment in Europe or the United States if they became infected. Not sure why that guarantee hasn’t been given and I agree that Dutton and Abbott should be working towards securing it. But time is slipping away in Africa.

If there are health professionals who want to put their hands up to go, then they should go. We can make such a positive impact in this crisis and I think those who wish to, should be allowed to.

Tony Abbott says it would be “irresponsible” to send Australian personnel to an Ebola hot spot.

Prime Minister, it would be much more irresponsible not to.


It’s difficult to get your head around the sort of problems facing a nation like Liberia. They’ve made a desperate plea for more basic medical equipment. They need bodybags.

How many ? 85,000 of them in the next 6 months. At this stage they have only 5,000. This is an unprecedented crisis.

I say lets ask for qualified volunteers and see who puts their hand up.