I’ve been doing radio for 30 years.

I started as a 16 year old boy in country Western Australia in a little place called Northam.

At the time, I was messing around calling harness racing in the Central Wheatbelt area of Western Australia.  I wasn’t really all that good at it, but I thought I was.  I was attending Northam Senior High School in my final year, Year 12 and freelancing for some country newspapers writing harness racing stories.

When I look back at those times, I’m astounded at what I got up to. I’m not sure how I convinced all of those people that I was capable of doing all this stuff…but I did.image

One day in 1983 I convinced the management at Northam’s Radio 6AM that they should give me a try on the radio.  It was the classic ‘right place at the right time’ scenario.  This radio station had local programing between 6am and 6pm weekdays. They employed 3 full time announcers.  When the rains came in May each year, their local component extended by 3 hours because the farmers were all working well into the night seeding their paddocks.  In most years they’d hire a casual announcer from Perth to come on down and work this 6 week casual gig.

By the last week of March 1983, station management were yet to hire someone for the ‘seeding job’ and when this brash, blondeheaded 16 year old school boy lobbed in the General Manager’s office and told them that I’d love to ‘have a go’ on the radio they listened.

The following day they rang my Father to get his permission for me to work 6 weeks of nights on their radio station.

My radio career had begun.

31 years, 6 states and 13 radio stations later, I’m still ‘having a go’ on the radio.

It took me 30 years to win my first ACRA.image

I nearly died when they gave me two of them last year in Brisbane.  In 2013, I won Best Current Affairs Presenter Non Metropolitan and Best Talk Presenter Provincial.  I figured that they gave them to me out of sympathy. After slogging away for 30 years and not winning anything, something had to come my way.

I genuinely never believed I would win another one.

But I did.

In Melbourne last weekend I scored Best Talk Presenter, Provincial for the second year in a row.

I am humbled.

imageSo how do they judge these things ?  I can’t tell you the whole process because I don’t know, but I you can have a listen to all of the winning entries on this page.