It seems Australia  has grown to like Tony Abbott again….but we’re not quite in love with the bloke yet.

Have you seen these latest Fairfax polling numbers this morning ? Tony will be smiling. Most of this is great news for coalition.

The Prime Minister’s personal approval is on the way up as are the numbers for the Government itself. Those on the left will be incredulous. They’ll be on twitter this morning trying to get middle Australia to understand their folly. Those who are rusted on to their party of choice simply cannot accept that anyone would vote for the other side. You watch them go today.

I always wonder what the point of the ‘preferred Prime Minister’ question is in these polls. We don’t have a Presidential system here, so it’s all academic. Nevertheless we learn in this Fairfax Ipsos poll that Shorten and Abbott are tied as preferred Prime 2

One of the other things that shines through here is that Tony’s little pet policy, the paid parental leave has to go. When 54 per cent of voters are dead set against a Government hand out, it means it’s wrong. I hope the Prime Minister wakes up on this issue. It’s always seemed excessive and unwarranted.

It seems Australians have been impressed with the Prime Minister’s ‘he-man’ approach to international affairs. Tony was outraged by the downing of MH17 over Ukraine. A number of commentators thought he overstepped the mark with his approach and language. The nation has backed him to the hilt. The Greens want to paint our Prime Minister as warmonger for sending a force to the Middle East to take on Islamic State. Middle Australia has given our approach the thumbs up.

These pollsters are still suggesting that the ALP would scramble over the line on preferences if the election were held this weekend, but it would be a very close call. The Greens primary support continues to be very solid at 12%. Jacqui Lambie is doing wonders for the Palmer United Party. They’re primary support has fallen to just 3%.