I had the great pleasure of getting up close and personal with the Asian Football Cup in my radio studio this morning.

It’s heavy…it’s impressive and very shiny.

Ned Zelic dropped into the studio with it to talk up the tournament in Canberra.

We are exactly 1 month away from a football feast in Canberra. How good is this going to be ?image

It starts on January 10th with the South Korea v Oman.  On the following day we have the United Arab Emirates v Qatar.

Kuwait take on South Korea on Tuesday January 13th.

Wednesday the 14th is another red letter sporting day for Canberra.  The Prime Minister’s XI will take on England in the cricket at Manuka Oval.

On the following day it’s Bahrain v the UAE.

On Sunday January 18th we get China V North Korea and then on Tuesday Jan 20th it’s Iraq v Palestine.

We cap off a fortnight of football with a Quarter Final on Fri Jan 23rd.

This is going to be awesome.

The tickets are sooooo cheap.  Aside from the Quarter Final, the most expensive tickets here are $30.

Bring it on.