Ok, so we’re chugging along into this relatively new year.  We’ve made it to that part of the year that tosses up a number of public holidays to keep us sane. We’ve just had Canberra Day. Easter is close…and then there’s ANZAC Day.  Beautiful !

ANZAC Day is going to cause some problems for us.  It’s going to be a shambles…not so much on the day itself, but on the following Monday April 27th.  If you’ve got children at non-Government schools who catch the bus to school…you’ve got some problems.schooldropoff

This is the deal. All  ACT public servants will be taking a day off on Monday and that translates to not enough bus drivers for a school day.  Now, it’s my understanding that government school students will have the day off, indeed their second semester will just commence a day later on the Tuesday.  Non Government school students will have a normal school day…..but there won’t be any school buses.  There will be a ‘Saturday’ service in place.

We’re not talking about a few dozen children potentially left stranded here. This is going to effect 28,000 students and the schools in question only got a confirmation yesterday that this is on.

This is all because when ANZAC Day falls on a Saturday there’s a quirky ACT Government provision which gives Government workers the following Monday off.

I think the non Government schools should just pull the pin on Monday April 27th.  Let’s just give everyone the day off and remove the drama.

What do you think ?