I still can’t believe the NRL went with Shannon Noll on State of Origin Game 1.

I want to know who’s idea that was.

And once you’ve decided to go with Shannon Noll, what could possibly inspire you to get him to sing We Can’t Be Beaten.

Angry Anderson is…well, he’s angry.

I guess when you’re name is Angry Anderson, there’s an expectation that you should get a little agro at things and agro he is.angry

Angry says that the NRL have treated him like he was dead. He says nobody even asked him if he could appear at game 1 to sing his sporting anthem.

Who is Ben Mingay again ?

80,000 at the venue and more than a million watching around Australia and we’ve gone with Shannon Noll and Ben Mingay.

Angry apparently wondered if they would have got Guy Sebastian to sing Khe Sanh. I daresay not.

The ball is firmly in the NRL’s court ahead of game 2.

Do you have any suggestions for them.