Americans are stupid.

When it comes to gun control, every American isn’t on the same page, but as a nation they cling on to things the way that they’ve always been and refuse to look outside of the box.

Guns kill people. Sure knives and axes do to, but guns do it so much  more effectively. If everyone  has easy access to a gun, things are going to get crazy. And they do.

I have these arguments online all the time with Americans who have their heads firmly stuck up their own backside. They genuinely believe that they’ve got it right on the gun law front.gun control america

These people tell me that they feel genuinely safer because they have a gun in their home. They can’t fathom the danger that everyone is in as a consequence of the proliferation of firearms in their country.

Here’s another story which absolutely highlights the stupidity of their position

A three-year-old boy has picked up an unattended gun inside a home and it’s gone off in his hand… He’s managed to accidentally shoot a one-year-old boy in the head which resulted in his death.

Cleveland Police Chief Calvin Williams told the media after the shooting on Sunday afternoon that investigators were trying to determine where the gun came from. I betcha  it was just the ‘house gun’. Neighbours said that the mother lived in the house with at least three small children. reported the one-year-old was taken to a hospital and pronounced dead.

We do know that an adult was home at the time, but that didn’t help these little ones. As soon as guns are part of the furniture this sort of tragedy is always a possiblility

America cares so much more about guns than it cares about children.