OK, so I guess the next time they raise our terrorism alert level to high, I guess we’ll know there’s something on.

What an amazing week it’s been for counter terrorism activity.

Australia didn’t lose it’s innocence during those police raids last Thursday, but we awoke from our dewey eyed slumber to the realisation that the world isn’t as nice as we thought it was.

For the first time since the Bali bombing and the attacks on 9/11, we were forcibly reminded that there are those among us who wish to perpetrate evil. We were reminded that our freedoms can so easily be taken away in a moment. Thank God these plots were not carried out.

Could these mongrels seriously target Parliament House ?

Of course they could….and they will if given the chance.

Parliament House is already under armed guard. Get ready for huge delays in getting on international flights. I think the days of our Prime Minister going about his business in Canberra unencumbered by security may be over for the time being.

I am astounded at the number of people on social media who seem to believe that the terror raids last week were some sort of Tony Abbott led conspiracy. They are of the belief that there was no threat.
They think that we as a nation were being racist to these poor defenceless peaceful muslims.

How could anyone possibly believe that there was no real threat based on what we discovered last week ?

I get so frustrated by the way that many in this town see every single news event as a battle between the left and the right. They believe that whatever this government does must be wrong because Tony Abbott is the Prime minister and they’re completely at odds with his ideology.

What do we have to do to make people understand that there is a genuine threat ?
If the FBI and the CIA had undertaken massive early morning raids across America in August of 2001….if they had arrested dozens of men and claimed that these men were about to hijack jets and fly into the World Trade Centre and the Pentagon. Those same people who are crying ‘beat-up’ online today would never ever have believed them. They would still be talking about the World Trade Centre plot as a George W. Bush conspiracy designed to frighten the American public into falling into line.

If British police had pre-emptively arrested the killers of Lee Rigby, many would not have believed their evil plans were real


It’s not time to panic. I think it’s time to have some faith in our intelligence and those agencies that react to it.