Steve called me on the radio early this morning…..just after 5.30 to talk Rugby League.

Like me, Steve is an AFL man.  He watched the NRL Grand Final and, like me, he’s puzzled about the point of the scrum.

What the hell are they trying to achieve with this piece of theatre known as the scrum ?

Surely it’ just a pantomime. The team that’s been awarded the scrum always wins the ball, the players themselves don’t seem to understand what they’re doing and why their doing it. It doesn’t make sense to me.

Mick rang me soon after from Higgins to explain that the biggest single function of the scrum it to ‘clump’ all of the defensive players together in the one place to open up the paddock for potential try scoring.

I guess that makes some sense.

Craig the Gargo rang soon afterwards to ask what is the point of AFL, full stop.

Craig you idiot !image

When are NRL fans going to wake up to the fact that the true national football code is AFL.  Our game is bigger and better than yours.

I love the NRL and follow the Raiders passionately, but in any battle between the codes, the AFL wins.

The NRL will never get a 100,000 fans at a Grand Final.

The AFL is a genuine national game.

You can go pretty much anywhere in the country and play AFL. NRL hasn’t leapt across the Murray River like AFL. March into Wangaratta and try to get a game of Rugby League. See how that works for you.

Karmichael Hunt played both games at the highest level and said that the biggest difference between the two was the fitness required for AFL

Did you know that while he was  the Broncos, Hunt weighed 93kg. That weight increased while he was playing Rugby in France….it got up as high as 100kg. During his stint at the Gold Coast Suns, his weight reduced to 87kg.  It’s all of the running that does it.

“It wasn’t that I couldn’t play the game,” Hunt said.

“Other than the running capacity and the ability to cover the ground like the boys obviously do so well in the AFL, I could play.”

The AFL is by far and away the biggest money spinner.

The figures I have are a couple of years old, but still relevant.

In 2012, the AFL pulled in $425 million in ticket sales, sponsorships, television rights and merchandise.

In the same period, the NRL generated $185 million.

AFL turns over nearly 3 times as much.

Seriously Craig…’What is the point of the AFL ?”


You idiot !