How frustrating is it finding a car park in Civic these days ?

I find myself chugging around on London Circuit peering into the Canberra Theatre Centre car parks, or hovering around Ainslie Place and Bunda Street. It can be a tense exercise.  I often just concede and head for the Canberra Centre Car Park where you do pay through the noseimage

How’s about the Kingston Foreshore. If you’ve got a lunchtime meeting down there, you’d wanna lob at 11.30 because you might be parking in Queanbeyan and walking.

Once you do get a park, it’s going to cost you big time.

Now, I understand that our parking fees and charges are a lot less than Sydney and Melbourne ….but guys, there’s a reason for that. Sydney and Melbourne are ten times bigger than us and are both choking on their own smog. We are a cross between a large country town and a city. It should be easier to park and it should be cheaper.

Andy Barr and his Government disagree. ACT Labor  believe it’s evil for people to drive cars. Not sure when I last saw imageSimon Corbell or Yvette Berry riding the bus…..but they certainly don’t want you driving your car.

They want you riding, bussing it….or just sitting at home and waiting for them to build this train line.  Many of us cannot ride the bus.  I travel from Bonython to Mitchell at 3.30am. The bus isn’t going to work for me.  And the regular hours parents who do a school drop off on the way to work are forever penalised by this ideological obsession.

Andrew Barr’s inner suburban hipster dream doesn’t work for all of us.

How much money do you reckon they’re going to try to raise from increased parking fees out of this budget ? How much ?

An extra $5 million over 4 years.

They’re going to start charging you for parking till 10.30pm in parts of Civic…every night. Sunday parking will cost you as well from 9am till 10.30pm.

How mean spirited is that for a city this size ?image

Start studying to be a parking inspector, because it’s going to be a growth industry.

The cost of an all day park in the city centre is moving up ever so slowly.  Within a year or so, you can pretty much budget $5,000 for parking in the city for an office worker.