That was a bit of an anti-climax yesterday wasn’t it ?

We’d been expecting blood. There was none. There was certainly some bruising

We got word from some insiders at around 8.30 yesterday morning that the spill motion wouldn’t get up.  The late mail was correct but 61/39 isn’t a good result.

Essentially Tony Abbott has won a boxing match against nobody…he’s been in a sparring match against an imaginary opponent and he’s won on points.

It’s not a glowing endorsement is it ?

The biggest result from the spill vote was a rip roaringly entertaining question time yesterday.  Bill the Knife was in great form.  Tony looked a little rattled and Malcolm was as cool as a cucumber.

What we saw yesterday was chapter 1. There’s a lot more left to come and the end result seems inevitable. Malcolm Turnbull will ultimately become the Prime Minister and will lead the Coalition into battle against Bill Shorten and Labor next year.

Are you with me on that ? Or do you somehow think that Tony’s going to change. Does anybody believe that Mr Abbott is going to suddenly connect with the electorate and win back the centre. I think he’s been a serviceable Prime Minister, who’s made a few errors, but the rest of the country has different ideas.

There are a number of journalists this morning including Simon Benson in the Daily Telegraph who are adamant that a number of cabinet ministers voted for the spill despite pledging support publicly for the Prime Minister.

I think we all know that if a challenger had thrown his or hat into the ring it may have been a completely different day.

And the one thing we can absolutely confirm is that the Prime Minister will lead the Coalition to the next election, it’s just that we don’t know for sure just which Prime Minister it will be.