Welcome to Friday morning in the Capital.

We’re hurtling towards summer, but it don’t feel like summer out there at the moment.

It’s fresh again this morning.

I don’t know that we’ll drift below the zero, but it’s still pretty cool here in Canberra this morning.

I’m pretty pleased it’s Friday.

Hitting the road later on in the day and heading to Melbourne for the Australian Commercial Radio awards.

First time I’ve actually done the drive to Melbourne.melbourne night

Looking forward to it.

I love a good drive. We’re staying to Seymour tonight and then into Melbourne tomorrow morning.

Not sure what we’re going to do with ourselves Saturday and Sunday and Melbourne aside from the awards. We’re doing Les Mis late on Sunday afternoon…staying for Sunday night and hitting the road back to Canberra on Monday.

Help me if you can. What should we do Sunday in morning because at this stage there’s not a great deal in the agenda.

What are some Sunday ‘must do’s’ in Melbourne.

Wish me luck in the radio awards on Saturday night.

I’m up for two of them, but you know, I figure I’ve already won mine and I’ll be happy to see someone else win them.