I lost two of my former high school teachers in the same week last week…and it was a bit sad.

I grew up in country Western Australia.

A little town called York which is about a 100kms this side of perth It’s in the middle of the wheatbelt.

Farming town.

It’s a little bit like Braidwood.

We had two old fashioned old school teachers


Old Mr Davies who was the Science teacher…… He was a former Englishman. He looked like Graham Garden from the Goodies. Big old black framed glasses and bald. He used to wear socks with his sandals. I used to have a crush on his daughter…which is a bad thing. I had a wonderful relationship with Arthur, despite the fact that he gave me the cane once.

And there was Mrs Carmicheal who taught English and music. Larger than life woman who directed my stage debut in a somewhat toned down modified version of Hair. She was a riot. She was married to Peter the milkman and she lived in a giant rambling old house on the top of a hill overlooking the town.

Old Arthur succumbed to cancer last week after a 6 month battle…..he was nearly 90 and Mary went somewhat more suddenly. She had a head on collision with a semi trailer on the highway through town.

It was a very sad week for my hometown.

My Mum and Dad had a fascinating discussion about this last night…and what we were talking about….please forgive me that this is a little morbid for breakfast radio. This is the question that we were discussing.

Would you rather go like Arthur….in that you wind down to the end. You know you have a terminal disease….you’ve got time to say your farewells…to get your affairs in order. But you also have time to contemplate your mortality….to contemplate the end.

Would you rather go with 6 months warning. Or would you rather go suddenly….in a moment that nobody was expecting. Mary was 86…..she was still doing the things she loved doing. She was still living in that big old house…..on her own…..Peter had passed away a decade or so ago. She was still playing the organ at church…..still driving her car. She would probably have kicked along for another 15 years. Would you rather know it was coming…..or be blissfully unaware

Avon Terrace, the main street of York, my home town

Avon Terrace, the main street of York, my home town